Perry Hill Spring Training 2019

Perry Hill Opens Mariners Eyes

In his first Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners, Perry Hill is having a big impact on the players.

Adeiny Hechavarria lays out for a line drive

Perry Hill’s 2017 Marlins Infield Looks Strong

The 2017 Miami Marlins will field one of the strongest defensive infields in Major League Baseball. Under the direction of Perry Hill, the team looks to improve on their 2016 campaign.

Marlins infielders set historic error-free streak

The Marlins set club records for fewest errors and fielding percentage last season. A year later, their infield has put together a streak of mistake-free defense that hasn’t been done in over a century.

Marlins coach Perry Hill works positioning and basics with infield

Miami Marlins infield coach Perry Hill works on positioning, basics with infield

One person, however, whom the Fish acquired and put on their staff who has actively helped the defensive cause is infield coach Perry Hill.

Perry Hill coaching

The Marlins infield did something no one’s done in at least 100 years

It’s no secret that Marlins first base/infield coach Perry Hill is the best in the business.

Perry Hill with Adeiny Hechavarria

Perry Hill Delivers a Simple Message for a Complex Task

But it is nice to know there is still a place for people like Perry Hill, the infield coach for the Miami Marlins.

Dee Gordon wins Gold Glove

Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon wins Gold Glove

Dee Gordon rated his defensive wizardry at the start of spring training as “terrible” and “weird-looking, like an idiot.” By season’s end, he was a magician with the glove.

Perry Hill giving fielding tips

Hill has Marlins focused on finer points of fielding

Not much goes unnoticed when Perry Hill is conducting infield drills at Marlins camp.

Perry Hill Marlins Infield Coach

Boston Globe

Boston Globe names Perry Hill is best infield coach in the MLB.

Perry Hill teaches middle infield feeds

27 Outs…No More

No matter how die hard you think you are… you haven’t seen anything until you have seen the Florida Marlins defensive genius, Perry Hill in action who I learned about at Spring Training this year.

Perry Hill Hitting Fungo

Pirates Spring Training: Infield Guru Perry Hill

Monuments to infield coach Perry Hill’s career adorn the shelves of his home back in Lantana, Texas.

Perry Hill with Dee Gordon

Perry Hill’s unique drills give Marlins defensive edge

Gold Gloves have helped keep Hill, an innovative and effervescent 58-year-old guru of defense for the Marlins, in the major leagues. His drills are like no others, his love of glove unmatched in a game enamored with power.