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Perry Hill's guide for positioning the first baseman defensively when not holding runners on the base.

Initial defensive positioning for first base when not holding runners.

Dee Gordon talks about reuniting with Perry Hill at Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners in 2019.

In his first Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners, Perry Hill is having a big impact on the players.

When it is hot in August, Perry Hill plants lettuce leaves in his helmet to help stay cool while coaching first base for the Miami Marlins.

This week's contribution for #FridayFielders is a timed pickoff play at third base.

If the defense is paying attention, they can get some free outs at third base with a timed pickoff play.

Today's contribution for #FridayFielders is how third baseman should field ground balls to their left.

On ground balls to the third baseman's left, the fielder needs to start by stepping horizontally toward second base and then use footwork to take their throw to first base.