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Double play turn for shortstop when the throw is from their right shoulder to the outfield side.

Our contribution to #FridayFielder is a new Advanced Member Content post about the SS receiving the double play feed.

The SS comes to the base facing the play so they are able to adjust their angle based on where the throw is coming from.

With an average to above-average speed runner flying up the line, a medium speed ground ball to third base can apply a lot of pressure. With the fielder charging, they…

The footwork for fielding a medium speed ground ball to the right of the third baseman with an average to above-average fielder.

Along with the improvements MLB teams made during the Winter Meetings, Gold Glove Defense is improving our membership tiers and pricing.

New Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, is a big fan of how Perry Hill teaches baseball infielders.

The left hand fielder uses the same footwork to cover first base for any infield hit.

The RH fielders uses routine footwork for any ball hit AT or RIGHT OF 2B fielder including hits to SS and 3B.