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1B Covering Base LH Fielder feature image

1B Holding Runner Applying Tag

Correct positioning is key to the first baseman applying the tag correctly in front of the base.

2B - Double Play - Feed - Ball Hit At Fielder

2B Double Play Feed Backhand Toss

On a ball hit directly at the second baseman, use a backhand toss to feed the shortstop.

1B-Double Play - Footwork and Throw To 2B - Ball Hit at Fielder

1B Double Play Feed to 2B Ball Hit At Right Handed Fielder

Double play footwork for right handed first baseman’s feed (throw) to second when the ball is hit directly at the fielder.

1B Holding Runner Positioning LH Fielder

1B Holding Runner Positioning Left Handed Fielder

Positioning the LEFT handed fielding first baseman to hold runners.

1B Holding Runner RH Fielder

1B Holding Runner Positioning Right Handed Fielder

Positioning the RIGHT handed fielding first baseman to hold runners.

2B - Double Play - Feeds - Five Feeds Introduction

2B Double Play Feeds Overview

An overview of the five double play feeds from the second baseman to the shortstop.

Perry Hill Infield System Throwing Progression Cover

Throwing Progression Series

The details of the skills required for a strong and accurate throwing arm are covered in this PDF handout.

Perry Hill Infield System Training Manual Cover

Perry Hill Infield System Manual

This 82-page manual covers teaching defensive skills and situations along with images and diagrams illustrating infield play.