The 6Fs of Fielding

It’s one thing to know how to play baseball, but it’s an entirely different thing to succeed with infield instruction. Perry Hill has taken the knowledge from 30 years in professional baseball and packaged it into teachable terms. Infielders will thrive when given concrete steps that will make them a great baseball player.

6 F's of Fielding Steps for Infield Instruction

Coach Hill’s 6Fs of Fielding are the foundation of Perry Hill’s Infield System. The Ultimate Infield DVD illustrates using the system with players. Professional and youth baseball players explain and demonstrate the 6Fs. Proven infield instruction is a hard thing for coaches to find when they want to improve their team’s success. Defense wins. This system will help you win.

Infield Instruction: The 6Fs of Fielding

  • Feet
  • Field
  • Funnel
  • Footwork
  • Fire
  • Follow

You can enhance your coaching to gold glove level infield instruction when you join Seven Rawling’s Gold Glove awards have been given to Coach Hill’s infielders. Maybe you will produce the next one.