Perry Hill’s Infield System

Perry Hill Seattle Mariners Infield CoachMembers have access to the Perry Hill Infield System. Over three decades as a professional coaching baseball infield, Perry Hill has built a system for teaching infield play that has produced some of the best infielders in the game. After perfecting his craft in Major League Baseball, Coach Hill is now sharing his trade secrets through

Currently the infield coach of the Seattle Mariners, Coach Hill has refined his infield coaching system. Purchasing the system will bring you the details that will help your infielders achieve great results.

Most noteworthy, Perry Hill’s Infield System is built on The 6Fs of Fielding. Coach Hill breaks the foundation of infield defense into six steps that are easy to understand and coach.


Included in the System for Coaching Baseball Infield

Ultimate Infield DVD

These video downloads cover how to coach the 6Fs to your infielders. The video demonstrates Coach Hill using the system with professional and youth players. There are also fielding drills that you can incorporate in your practices.

Perry Hill’s Infield Manual

Coach Hill covers more than you can imagine in this 82-page manual. The PDF download covers teaching defensive skills and deals with situational defense as well. Coach Hill includes images and diagrams to illustrate the concepts of infield play. Therefore, this manual is an essential tool for successfully coaching infielders.

Throwing Progression Series

Another PDF download, Coach Hill’s Throwing Progression Series breaks down the mechanics of throwing. Coaches can improve their players fundamental throwing skills by following this series. Finally, the PDF includes a breakdown of throwing and how it incorporates into the 6Fs of Fielding.