Ultimate Infield

Ultimate Infield Baseball Infield Coaching Video by Perry HillThe Ultimate Infield videos cover Perry Hill’s Infield System. This baseball infield coaching video breaks a complex skill into small, understandable chunks. As a result, it will make a big difference for your players. It would be hard to find a baseball infield coaching video that can have as big an impact as Ultimate Infield. Developed over 30 years in professional baseball, this system will help bring your coaching to a Gold Glove level.

Included Videos:

  • Overview of the 6 F’s
    • Feet
    • Field
    • Funnel
    • Footwork
    • Fire
    • Follow
  • Demonstrations of 6 F’s
  • Knee drill
  • Wide base drill
  • Backhands
  • Wrap Up

Baseball Infield Coaching Video

Finally, the Ultimate Infield videos are a part of Perry Hill’s Infield System. Serious coaches know that defense wins championships. Once you purchase this system, your players will have the tools they need to perform at a championship level on the baseball diamond.