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Mariners Infield Coach, Perry Hill, shares the secrets to coaching infielders in an effective system that players thrive in.

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There are so many specialized skills in the great game of baseball. It can be a challenge to take the skills we learned as children and share them with athletes as today’s coach. Performing a skill is one thing, but it is an entirely different ballgame when you start trying to instruct others. With Perry Hill’s Infield System, you will be given concrete teaching tools for success with your players.

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Everything You Need to Coach Infielders

Our Base Membership gives you access to everything you need as an infield coach. Perry’s Infield Manual, fielding ground balls and general infield skills are all covered for a ONE TIME fee.

Teacher of the Game

Perry 'Bone' Hill




Widely considered one of the best coaches in Major League Baseball, Perry Hill has mastered the craft of teaching players how to play infield.

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Always Striving to Get Better At the Craft

Positioning or applying tags are some of the little things that make the big difference. Bone’s Bonus Videos can be found in our Advanced Membership.


Beyond the Basics

The continually growing Advanced Member Content Library takes you deep into the skills of the infield.


Video Content

Easily accessible videos can be used to teach the advanced skills on the field or studied on your computer.


Bone's Bonus Videos

Our Advanced Members also get access to Bone’s Bonus Videos using in-game plays to illustrate advanced infield skills.

2017 MLB Network Infield Coach of the Year

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