GGD 2B double play feeds underhand toss ftrimg

New Advanced Member Content 2B Underhand Toss Double Play Feed

The underhand toss is the second of five double play feeds from the second baseman.

Mariners' J.P. Crawford makes a throw

Perry Hill Helps J.P. Crawford Perform as Every Day Shortstop

In 2019, Mariners shortstop J.P. Crawford grew into his role as an every day infielder in the major leagues.

J.P. Crawford makes diving stop

Crawford Settling in as MLB Shortstop

J.P. Crawford has developed his footwork at the shortstop position, and the pre-season work with Perry Hill has him turning heads in MLB.

J.P. Crawford Mariners Spring Training 2019

J.P. Crawford’s defensive work with Perry Hill getting attention

In 2019, J.P. Crawford has developed his defense to become an above-average Major League shortstop with the help of Perry Hill.

1B Defensive Positioning featured image

New Advanced Member Content for 1B Positioning

Perry Hill’s guide for positioning the first baseman defensively when not holding runners on the base.

Dee Gordon interview spring training 2019 featured image

Dee Gordon Back With Perry Hill in 2019

Dee Gordon talks about reuniting with Perry Hill at Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners in 2019.

Perry Hill Spring Training 2019

Perry Hill Opens Mariners Eyes

In his first Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners, Perry Hill is having a big impact on the players.

Perry Hill cools off with lettuce in his cap

Cooler Heads Prevail for Perry Hill

When it is hot in August, Perry Hill plants lettuce leaves in his helmet to help stay cool while coaching first base for the Miami Marlins.

3B Pickoff Play featured image

New Advanced Member Content for 3B Pickoffs

This week’s contribution for #FridayFielders is a timed pickoff play at third base.

3B Ground Ball to Fielder's Left featured image

New Advanced Member Content for 3B Fielding Ground Balls to the Left

Today’s contribution for #FridayFielders is how third baseman should field ground balls to their left.

SS Double Play Turns Receiving Throws featured image

New Advanced Member Content for SS Receiving Double Play Throw

Our contribution to #FridayFielder is a new Advanced Member Content post about the SS receiving the double play feed.

3B Medium Ground Ball to Fielders Right

New Advanced Member Content for 3B Medium Speed Ground Ball to Fielder’s Right

With an average to above-average speed runner flying up the line, a medium speed ground ball to third base can apply a lot of pressure. With the fielder charging, they have to be confident in their footwork to field the ball and make a strong throw to get the runner.

GoldGloveDefense Logo

New Membership Tiers for Better Service

Along with the improvements MLB teams made during the Winter Meetings, Gold Glove Defense is improving our membership tiers and pricing.

Aaron Boone Marlins

New Yankees Skipper Fan of Perry Hill

New Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, is a big fan of how Perry Hill teaches baseball infielders.

1B holding runner and applying tag

New Member Content for 1B Applying Tag

Having a first baseman correctly apply a tag on a pick-off play is critical to getting an out call.

Gold Glove Defense Responsive Design

Optimizing Gold Glove Defense

Gold Glove Defense is being optimized with a responsive design for different screen sizes and additional teaching tools are being added to the content.

ABCA Calls from the Clubhouse Podcast logo

ABCA Calls from the Clubhouse Features Perry Hill

Miami Marlins Infield Coach Perry Hill is the featured guest on episode 60 of the Calls from the Clubhouse podcast.

Perry Hill is MLB Nework's 2017 Infield Coach of the Year

Perry Hill Named Best Infield Coach In MLB

The MLB Network named Perry Hill, of the Miami Marlins, as the top infield coach in all of baseball for 2017.