Base Membership

Our base membership gives you access to the Perry Hill Infield System. This includes the original videos from Coach Hill’s Ultimate Infield DVD, Perry Hill’s Infield Manual (82-page PDF), and our Throwing Progression PDF download. This membership does not expire and is a one-time purchase.


Base Membership


With over 30 years in professional baseball, Perry Hill has developed the formula for successfully coaching infield defense. His system has a proven record for success and our members have access to the insider information that has made Perry Hill the top infield coach in Major League Baseball.

A Base Membership grants lifetime access to the foundations of Perry Hill’s Infield System. Base Members are also eligible to subscribe to our Advanced Membership content library.

80-page PDF manual download

Perry Hill Infield System Training Manual CoverCoach Hill covers more than you can imagine in this 82-page manual. The PDF download covers teaching defensive skills and deals with situational defense as well. Coach Hill includes images and diagrams to illustrate the concepts of infield play. This manual is an essential tool for successfully coaching infielders.

Ultimate Infield DVD Files

Ultimate Infield by Perry HillOn-demand access to streaming files from the original Ultimate Infield DVD. The content covers how to coach the 6Fs to your infielders. The video demonstrates Coach Hill using the system with professional and youth players. There are also fielding drills that you can incorporate in your practices.

Throwing Progression Series

Perry Hill Infield System Throwing Progression Cover ImageAnother PDF download, Coach Hill’s Throwing Progression Series breaks down the mechanics of throwing. Coaches can improve their players fundamental throwing skills by following this series. Finally, the PDF includes a breakdown of throwing and how it incorporates into the 6Fs of Fielding.

Who Should Join?

This program is appropriate for players and coaches at all levels of play. Whether you are just starting in baseball or are trying to make the jump to a higher level of play, Perry Hill’s Infield System has concrete ways to support your efforts as a coach, parent or player.

Our website is built in a manner that the videos can be accessed at your desk or through your mobile device at the local indoor facility and even on the field.


The Base Membership is a one-time $100 fee and never expires.


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