Perry Hill’s Infield System is the benchmark for Gold Glove level infield instruction

About Memberships

Perry Hill coaching Mariners infielders

Coach Your Infielders Better

Base Membership

Base Members of Gold Glove Defense have access to all the Perry Hill Infield System for coaching infield defense. This membership does not expire and is a one-time purchase.

  • Streaming Ultimate Infield DVD files
  • Perry Hill’s Infield Manual
  • In-depth 6Fs videos
Evan White practicing 3-6 feed
Perry Hill rolling ground balls for 6-4 feeds

Advanced Membership

Advanced Members of Gold Glove Defense get in-depth instructional videos teaching specific technique for all infield positions. Base Membership is required to subscribe monthly to the Advanced Membership.

  • Videos of plays illustrating infield techniques
  • Infield techniques for all positions
  • General Infield Topics
  • Infield Plays
  • Bone’s Bonus Videos
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