Riddle recovers for a fine DP

Riddle Auditions for Circus Act

Turning a double play with Andrew McCutchen speeding up the line is not easy on a routine ground ball let alone one with a tough hop.

Gordon preserves no-no

Behind Every No Hitter Is Some Great Defense

During a very special no-hit bid for Edinson Volquez, Dee Gordon showed that the infield had his back. Only special players make this kind of play. #stopit

Marlins turn a 6-4-3 DP

All hands! Watch this double play turn.

In addition to JT Riddle’s great play, Dee Gordon shows off how to use your hands to turn a quick double play. Notice where his hands are as he waits for the baseball.

Dietrich's backhanded play

Brilliant Backhand

With Martin Prado on the disabled list, Derek Dietrich has had a chance to cover third for the Marlins a lot this year. He has taken this time to show his ability with the glove.

Backup Buddy

With our focus toward the plate, it is sometimes easy to take outfielders for granted. And then there is a shallow fly ball that reminds you how nice it is that they have your back!

Gold Glove Defense Infield Instruction

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Our baseball and softball infield instruction website is shifting from only offering videos in a download store format to a membership site.

Dee Gordon Starting Double Play

Replace the feet, fire to second and that’s two.

Early in the 2017 season, Dee Gordon and the Miami Marlins are showing the magic of a Perry Hill infield.

Adeiny Hechavarria lays out for a line drive

Perry Hill’s 2017 Marlins Infield Looks Strong

The 2017 Miami Marlins will field one of the strongest defensive infields in Major League Baseball. Under the direction of Perry Hill, the team looks to improve on their 2016 campaign.

Marlins infielders set historic error-free streak

The Marlins set club records for fewest errors and fielding percentage last season. A year later, their infield has put together a streak of mistake-free defense that hasn’t been done in over a century.

Marlins coach Perry Hill works positioning and basics with infield

Miami Marlins infield coach Perry Hill works on positioning, basics with infield

One person, however, whom the Fish acquired and put on their staff who has actively helped the defensive cause is infield coach Perry Hill.

Perry Hill coaching

The Marlins infield did something no one’s done in at least 100 years

It’s no secret that Marlins first base/infield coach Perry Hill is the best in the business.

Perry Hill with Adeiny Hechavarria

Perry Hill Delivers a Simple Message for a Complex Task

But it is nice to know there is still a place for people like Perry Hill, the infield coach for the Miami Marlins.

Dee Gordon wins Gold Glove

Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon wins Gold Glove

Dee Gordon rated his defensive wizardry at the start of spring training as “terrible” and “weird-looking, like an idiot.” By season’s end, he was a magician with the glove.

Perry Hill giving fielding tips

Hill has Marlins focused on finer points of fielding

Not much goes unnoticed when Perry Hill is conducting infield drills at Marlins camp.

Perry Hill Marlins Infield Coach

Boston Globe

Boston Globe names Perry Hill is best infield coach in the MLB.