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Mariners' J.P. Crawford makes a throw

Perry Hill Helps J.P. Crawford Perform as Every Day Shortstop

In 2019, Mariners shortstop J.P. Crawford grew into his role as an every day infielder in the major leagues.

J.P. Crawford makes diving stop

Crawford Settling in as MLB Shortstop

J.P. Crawford has developed his footwork at the shortstop position, and the pre-season work with Perry Hill has him turning heads in MLB.

J.P. Crawford Mariners Spring Training 2019

J.P. Crawford’s defensive work with Perry Hill getting attention

In 2019, J.P. Crawford has developed his defense to become an above-average Major League shortstop with the help of Perry Hill.

Dee Gordon interview spring training 2019 featured image

Dee Gordon Back With Perry Hill in 2019

Dee Gordon talks about reuniting with Perry Hill at Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners in 2019.

Perry Hill cools off with lettuce in his cap

Cooler Heads Prevail for Perry Hill

When it is hot in August, Perry Hill plants lettuce leaves in his helmet to help stay cool while coaching first base for the Miami Marlins.

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New Membership Tiers for Better Service

Along with the improvements MLB teams made during the Winter Meetings, Gold Glove Defense is improving our membership tiers and pricing.

Aaron Boone Marlins

New Yankees Skipper Fan of Perry Hill

New Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, is a big fan of how Perry Hill teaches baseball infielders.

1B holding runner and applying tag

New Member Content for 1B Applying Tag

Having a first baseman correctly apply a tag on a pick-off play is critical to getting an out call.

Gold Glove Defense Responsive Design

Optimizing Gold Glove Defense

Gold Glove Defense is being optimized with a responsive design for different screen sizes and additional teaching tools are being added to the content.

ABCA Calls from the Clubhouse Podcast logo

ABCA Calls from the Clubhouse Features Perry Hill

Miami Marlins Infield Coach Perry Hill is the featured guest on episode 60 of the Calls from the Clubhouse podcast.

Perry Hill is MLB Nework's 2017 Infield Coach of the Year

Perry Hill Named Best Infield Coach In MLB

The MLB Network named Perry Hill, of the Miami Marlins, as the top infield coach in all of baseball for 2017.

Miami Marlins Flag

2017 Marlins Lead MLB in Fielding

The 2017 Miami Marlins led Major League Baseball in fielding.

Riddle recovers for a fine DP

Riddle Auditions for Circus Act

Turning a double play with Andrew McCutchen speeding up the line is not easy on a routine ground ball let alone one with a tough hop.

Gordon preserves no-no

Behind Every No Hitter Is Some Great Defense

During a very special no-hit bid for Edinson Volquez, Dee Gordon showed that the infield had his back. Only special players make this kind of play. #stopit

Marlins turn a 6-4-3 DP

All hands! Watch this double play turn.

In addition to JT Riddle’s great play, Dee Gordon shows off how to use your hands to turn a quick double play. Notice where his hands are as he waits for the baseball.

Dietrich's backhanded play

Brilliant Backhand

With Martin Prado on the disabled list, Derek Dietrich has had a chance to cover third for the Marlins a lot this year. He has taken this time to show his ability with the glove.

Backup Buddy

With our focus toward the plate, it is sometimes easy to take outfielders for granted. And then there is a shallow fly ball that reminds you how nice it is that they have your back!

Gold Glove Defense Infield Instruction

Membership is Here

Our baseball and softball infield instruction website is shifting from only offering videos in a download store format to a membership site.